Gear Coupling (Flexible)

Gear Coupling (Flexible)

Gear Couplings are used for preventing possible misalignment of shafts. These couplings save power and prevent bearing breakdown. Gear Couplings are made from En - 9 Forged Steel. Currently Gear Couplings are available in sizes no. 106 - 112, that are suitable for 8" to 24" Steel Rolling Mills. Larger Sizes can also be manufactured on orders.

Salient Features: -

  • Used for taking possible misalignment of shafts
  • Saves power and bearing breakdown
  • Made from En - 9 and Forged Steel
  • Available in size range no. 106-112, that are suitable for 8"to 24" SRM

Technical Specifications: -

  • Made from Enforged Steel
  • Size range no. 106 to 112, suitable for 6" to 24" P.C.D. rolling mills